APM Terminals and DP World announced the formation of the Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA), an industry-wide strategic coalition with the goal of accelerating the journey to zero emissions for container handling equipment (CHE) at ports.

ZEPA membership is open to all industry participants including terminal operators, OEMs, port authorities and government entities, says a release from APM. "The alliance will start its activities in early 2024."

The focus on battery-electric container handling equipment (BE-CHE) is based on research published in a white paper in October 2023, commissioned jointly by APM Terminals and DP World, the release added. "The findings show that it is possible for BE-CHE to become as or more competitive than diesel CHE as it becomes more affordable, attractive, and accessible. The point where this happens can occur in the next two to eight years but only with focused collective action by the entire port ecosystem."

ZEPA’s work will focus on four key objectives to overcome challenges in affordability and accessibility:

*Encourage scaled up production capacity of BE-CHE by manufacturers & reduce product costs

* Bring down the cost of batteries and charging solutions, simplify implementation and increase equipment interoperability

*Ensure terminal operators and the grid infrastructure are ready for BE-CHE & shore power roll-out; and

*Create better implementation conditions for zero-emission fleets and help accelerate adoption of zero-emission CHE

Jack Craig, Global Head, Technical, APM Terminals says: “Our industry is in a strong position to drive real, meaningful change to decarbonise ports, and I believe the launch of the Zero Emission Port Alliance is a vital step in the right direction. It is apt for us to launch ZEPA at COP28 where so many significant conversations are taking place to achieve net zero. Today’s launch is a catalyst for collective decarbonisation action across the port industry and a signal to all our colleagues that we are serious about combating climate change.”

Tiemen Meester, COO , Ports & Terminals, DP World adds: “Collective, industry-wide action is needed to achieve affordable and attractive battery-electric CHE that can be used globally. The Zero Emission Port Alliance is a results-driven coalition with a clear focus set up to support and deliver tangible short-term action. I truly believe we are capable of driving the change needed to make port electrification happen. Whilst ZEPA is only at the beginning of the work it has set out to do, I’m confident in the dedication shown by the founding members, and the interest from other industry stakeholders. All involved in terminal operations must play their role in realising zero emission ports.”

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