September 13, 2019: Turkish Cargo has extended the validity period of its International Air Transport Association Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (IATA CEIV) Pharma certification to 2022.

The certificate, which was initially obtained in 2016 and valid for three years, was renewed following trainings planned with the Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy and audits by IATA. The result was an extension of the validity period of the certification for Turkish Airlines INC (air carrier) and Istanbul Ataturk Airport (ISL) station.

Turkish Cargo has maintained successfully the integrity of all cold-chain products throughout the transportation process of the critical medicinal products such as medicines, vaccines, biotechnological products, diagnosis samples, sensitive medical devices, organs, tissues, etc. which have a high level of importance in respect of temperature and time, and carries out its operations in accordance with the qualification criteria for the IATA CEIV Pharma certificate.

In its 3,500 square metres special storage facility, Turkish Cargo makes use of active temperature-controlled Envirotainer and CSafe containers, the electrical air-conditioning container Opticooler, Thermal Dolly and disposable thermal sheets equipped with thermal isolation features, minimizing any and all risks in highly-critical medicinal products.

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