April 07, 2020: Yves Guillemot, founder & CEO of French video games giant Ubisoft has invested in Franco-Nigerian startup Africa Delivery Technologies SAS, who operates Kwik Delivery – an on-demand delivery platform launched in June 2019 in Nigeria. Romain Poirot-Lellig is the founder & CEO of Africa Delivery Technologies.

The investment, part of Lagos-based company’s ongoing Series A round, aims to allow the company to scale up in Nigeria as delivery platforms have proven an essential link to Africa last-mile delivery supply chains in the current context.

In September 2019, Kwik Delivery launched its application programming interface (API) to customers. Any merchant with an e-commerce platform or just a POS (point of sale) can integrate Kwik’s on-demand service and benefit from the flexibility and reliability.

Last year November, Winpart, an aftermarket spare parts wholesaler partnered with Kwik Delivery to ensure smooth, on-demand and flexible last-mile delivery of light auto spare parts to customers in Nigeria.

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