Feb 18, 2019: Unilode Aviation Solutions, global provider of outsourced ULD management and repair solutions, has appointed Joseph P Jensen as managing director customer experience. Jensen will assume the new role starting March 4.

Joseph will be based in the United States, report directly to CEO Benot Dumont and oversee the Customer Centricity programme to improve the customer experience along the complete value chain, including support of Unilode's digitalisation programme.

Joseph has extensive experience in above wing, below wing, and cargo operations. He started at a US regional carrier in 2000 and held successive leadership positions at United Airlines, US Airways, Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines. In 2015 Delta appointed Joseph as the head of a new ULD Control Group to oversee in-house MRO operations, sourcing, logistics, operations, regulatory compliance and digitalisation. While in the role his team successfully implemented the first and largest ULD IoT to date in the air cargo business.

Benot Dumont, Unilode CEO, commented: "We are pleased to add Joseph to the team at Unilode, which is another great example of our investment in experienced talents to improve our offering to the market. Integrated ULD management and repair services are much more than simply moving airworthy units from point A to B. The evolution of our industry, driven by the introduction of new technologies, offers further opportunities for airlines to reduce their costs while offering better products to their end customers. This requires organisations to constantly upgrade their management with change agents capable of driving innovation throughout and providing new values to their customers."

Joseph P Jensen said, "I am truly honoured to join the Unilode team. Benot and his team have developed an amazing strategy to put the customer at the forefront of the business. Unilode's key role in accelerating the digital transformation for ULDs and inflight equipment by bringing to the market the absolute best digital tracking solution is one of many strategic plans they have to provide the world's best customer experience. I look forward to leading this area of Unilode's business and meeting with many of its current and future customers at the Unilode booth of the upcoming IATA World Cargo Symposium from March 12-14 in Singapore."