The premier pharma supply chain conference and networking event Global Pharma Logistics Summit 2022 (GPLS 2022) is bringing the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders tomorrow at The Leela Hotel in Mumbai and is putting the focus where it should be: patient care and patient cure.

Organised by Indian Transport Logistics News, the fifth edition of GPLS is presented by Cargo Service Center while it has Mumbai International Airport Limited (CSMIA) as Airport Partner, Turkish Cargo as Airline Partner, Odyssey Logistics as Solutions Partner, Skyways Group as Supply Chain Partner, Skye Air Mobility as Delivery Partner, va-Q-tec and Frankfurt Airport as Supporting Partners and WIZ as the Associate Partner.

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By selecting "Resilient till the point of cure: The way for pharma logistics" as the theme for this year, GPLS 2022, the event intends to help the industry articulate this very purpose and help create a roadmap by bringing all stakeholders under one roof in Mumbai. The one-day conference is packed with four panel discussions on intriguing topics, persuasive presentations and onsite interviews.

Dr P.B. N. Prasad, Joint Drugs Controller (India), Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) will provide the keynote address while the panel discussion will delve into the topic "Becoming better before becoming big: Are we ready for the next disruption?"

How should logistics companies prepare to be shockproof? What are the changes required in the pharma supply chain across processes both upstream and downstream? Do we have the right kind of people to embrace these changes? Or how do we need to look for such talent?

The second panel points out that the post-pandemic pharmaceutical supply chain requires a revamp and we call it a supply chain therapy! We will be out there to find out how the pharmaceutical supply chains can bring the logistics costs down in line with the aims of the National Logistics Policy. A recent GS1, AHPI report noted that supply chain costs are 15 percent higher in India compared to the best-in-class global pharma players.

With the programme named "The Relief," we present two cool and innovative companies that are building solutions to provide relief to healthcare supply chain pains. This will also include a short Q&A with the presenter by the moderator.

The third panel under the topic "Playing it cool: moving temperature-sensitive pharma" will explore the dynamics of cold chain logistics. As patients and medical conditions across the globe require more pharmaceuticals like biologics, biosimilar or vaccines, logistics players need to strictly maintain the temperature in the prescribed range due to their sensitivity.

What are new innovations and solutions in terms of containers, packing and monitoring available? Can those sensitive shipments reach patients safely without compromising efficiency and efficacy? What are the pain points?

Do we have the right kind of scenario planning and risk mitigation strategy in place? How can they make sure that the patients are not suffering due to disruptions?

The fourth and final panel has been dedicated to the need for visibility and predictability in the pharma supply chain. How will lack of visibility affect the patients? Who should fall in line? What are the technologies required? What should the industry do?

Can new technologies in the supply chain contribute to helping patients to have more affordable life-saving drugs?

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